Incest Story (true)

11 Oct

When I was a young girl, I had a broher who was 4 years older then I. When we would take trips during out summer vactions out of school. My mom would make a bed in the back seat of our car using a single matteress. It would hang over the from of the seat and leave a covered point off the floor in the back of the car. When we all got to about the first hour into our travel, my brother would make me sleep on the floor, under the area of the matteress that you could not see. Its at the point he would begin to run his hand up my dress, and directly into my panties. He would fumble around trying to find my tight little virgin cunt.

Once he had located it, he would thrust his two fingers deep inside my cunt. As he was ready to finger fuck my young cunt he whispered … ( do not make a sound, you know they can not see what I am doing.) he smiled and laughed. He would slide his first two fingers inside me and start very firmly thrusting, and he would get deeper, and deeper, going harder and harder. I can remember crying into the pillow that was under me. The more I cried the harder he fucked my cunt. This went on for about what seemed forever, it was mot likely a good 30 mins or more. After he had fingered my cunt, he would use his thumb and lightly insert it into my ass, then I would feel his two fingers slide back inside my cunt. While he was using his thumb to penetrate my ass, I began to get a strange tingle and it began to become stronger. And it was very pleasant when he kept working his thumb, and fingers inside both holes I can remember I felt a very warm gush run out. I was very confused, and he whispered YOU WHORE !

If you would like to know more about what happen in later years between myself and my borther then please by all means call me.

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